A downloadable Rythm game for Windows


This game was made as a first year student project by 6 students. It's currently in early alpha and we are planning to expand the game over time. It's made in Hedmark University.


Andre Toftland - Lead programmer, music and game designer

Frida Arntsen - Background artist and character designer

Niklas Gløsen - Programmer, animator, pixel artist and music

Ole Andersen - Main animator, music and pixel artist

Ferdinand Meese - Programmer, level designer and lead game designer

Adelaine Krogsæter - Pixel artist and item designer


Deadly Dancer.zip 70 MB

Install instructions

Download the zip and find the .exe file. The data folder and .exe must be in the same folder as the .exe files relies on the data folder to work.


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Hello! I enjoyed your game, it was challenging but it still looked great and has a lot of potential! I made a let's play of it here~