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A year has passed and we have been working on our prototype for our 3D platformer. Last prototype (found here: https://loonybean.itch.io/space-hamster-prototype) contained almost 100% placeholder assets that we found online. Very few of those assets were ours. We are proud to say that all the assets (apart from the skybox) in this new prototype are made exclusively by our team :)

If you're interested, follow our blog at https://loonybeanblog.wordpress.com/ to see what we're up to!

We'd be happy to hear your thoughts about the game in the comments! :D

Known critical bugs:

- The game must be played in lower resolution (1024x728 is good), or else the UI will not display properly.
- The "How To Play" screen displays the incorrect button for jumping. It says "A", but it is actually "Y".
- It is possible to walk on steep angles. You can also boost your jump if you press "jump" while walking on a steep angle.
- There is a bean that is inaccessible by normal means. It is possible to glitch-jump to reach it, but this is really, really difficult. We don't really know exactly how to replicate this bug in this area.
- Some of the checkpoints are scarcely placed.


Bad Reception prototype 2.zip 24 MB

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